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If you settled your earthquake damage claim with Southern Response before 1 October 2014 then we recommend that you urgently seek legal advice.

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Our skilled team of Christchurch-based Lawyers are committed to ensuring every Cantabrian can access quality legal services. 


Having operated in and around Canterbury since 1888, we’re immensely proud of our history in the region and the role we play in our local community. Over the years we’ve evolved and adapted to meet the needs of our clients, expanding our team of highly qualified lawyers and exceptional support staff accordingly.

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services, from Asset Protection, Estate Administration and Property Law to Resource Management, Dispute Resolution and Employment Law. 

We passionately believe that sound advice and quality legal services should be accessible and available to everyone, and we’ve gone to great lengths to blend outstanding service with a down-to-earth approach. We’re committed to creating an environment that reflects our core values of integrity, honesty, and reliability, while our forward-thinking, innovative mindset allows us to tailor solutions and strategies to suit each client’s individual circumstances and requirements.
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