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February 2016 e-Newsletter

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Welcome to our first newsletter for 2016 focusing on Earthquake Insurance claims, Wills and our premises.


We think you may be interested in updates in these areas. 

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February 2016

  Unresolved Insurance Claims - Last Call

The damage and disruption caused by the Canterbury earthquakes has resulted in an unprecedented number of insurance claims.  Many insureds will be surprised to learn that an insurer may decline an unresolved claim in its entirety if proceedings have not been filed in Court within a specified limitation period.  To read more click here

Your Will

Let’s talk about your will – do you have one, when was the last time you reviewed it, is it up to date, does it accurately and adequately state your intentions regarding the disposal of your worldly goods on your death.

Your will is a legal document that sets out who you want to administer your estate and who you want to leave your personal assets to.  Jointly owned assets revert to the surviving owner(s) regardless of what your will says.  Disposal of assets owned as a trustee of a Trust are governed by the Trust Deed and a Memorandum of Guidance, although a Will can be used by a trustee to transfer powers of appointment and the like.

These days personal relationships can be complex, having different spouses, step or foster children over the years.  Perhaps your spouse brought a child to the relationship that you now think of as your own, but legally speaking that child may not be included in your will (unless specifically named).  Perhaps you have “fur babies” that you wish to leave specific provisions for after you are gone.  Perhaps you have assets in different countries which need to be considered.

When discussing your will instructions with your legal professional, it is important to have an open and frank conversation about all aspects of your life to ensure that your will correctly sets out your intentions towards those people who you wish to benefit from your estate.

Your will is a “living” document, and generally should be reviewed every five years, or sooner as personal circumstances required, so you can be confident that when you are gone your final wishes are clearly set out.

If you would like to make a will, or if you would like to review and update your existing will, please contact us.

485 Papanui Road

The renovation and upgrade of our building is finally nearing completion.  

Staff and clients are enjoying the modern environment in one of the safest buildings in Christchurch. 


Situated at the back of the building are our parking spaces.  

We have four client parks adjacent to the building clearly marked for your convenience. 

Also we have two disability parks closest to the building.


We are situated on the first floor, come up the stairs or there is a lift available for your use.


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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The team at Harmans

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