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I have lost my licence . . . . what can I do?

This article was written by Mikayla Hughes and Graeme Riach.

There are a number of traffic offences for which you can lose your driver licence. For some offences it is mandatory for the court to disqualify you from driving for a period of time. Common offences of this type include:

• Drink driving or, as it is correctly known, driving with excess breath/blood alcohol (at least 6 months disqualification if it is a first or second offence, at least 1 year disqualification for a third or subsequent offence)

• Reckless/dangerous driving (at least 6 months disqualification)

• Careless driving causing injury or death (at least 6 months disqualification)

The NZ Transport Agency can also suspend your driver licence for three months if you accumulate 100 or more demerit points over a two year period.

Losing a driver licence can be hugely disruptive to personal and work life. Short of successfully defending the charge, there are a number of options to reduce the hardship caused by a period of disqualification or suspension:

Limited licence (also known as a work licence)

A limited licence is a restricted driver licence issued by the court which allows a person to continue to drive during the period of their disqualification or suspension.  Limited licences are called that because they do not allow full resumption of driving.  They are normally subject to certain conditions in respect of driving days, hours, geographical areas and routes that must be observed.

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