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Testimonial from Rebecca Scholfield Summer Clerk 2018 - 2019

1.    What made you decide to clerk at Harmans?

Upon applying for the Harmans summer clerk programme, I was at a stage in my degree where I was seeking practical experience. I was also unsure about whether I wanted to go into the legal profession and what a young solicitor actually does within a firm. I applied for Harmans in an effort to answer these questions and was pleasantly surprised to be offered a place in the programme. I chose to accept after speaking to young lawyers within the Christchurch area who had heard about or worked alongside Harmans, all of who had great things to say about the firm.

2.    Do you feel like you were given the opportunity to utilise the knowledge gained in your studies and apply it to the work  experience?

Yes – my time at Harmans has been very practical. I have enjoyed taking the theoretical knowledge learned at university and applying it to practical situations with real clients. It has been great to interact with real people in solving their arising legal issues, while also working within a team of experienced lawyers and staff.

3.    What was your favourite part of our Summer Clerk Programme?

I enjoyed the ability to work in multiple teams in my time here. Not only did this allow me to gain experience in various areas of law, but I was also able to work alongside (almost all) the teams at Harmans. I feel as though I became a part of the team and got to know everyone here (instead of feeling like an outsider!). I feel as though this is the most valuable thing gained from my time in the Summer Clerk Programme as I have been able to gain confidence and experience.

4.    What do you like about Harmans?

Harmans has a very inclusive nature about the firm. I have never felt like a temporary employee or ‘just a summer clerk’. Each team I have worked with have taken time to teach and mentor me, whether that be by running me through tasks or taking me for coffee to discuss life as a lawyer for which I am really grateful for. I feel lucky to have experienced such a positive and inviting workplace.

5.    Would you recommend the Harmans Summer Clerk Programme to other students? Why?

Yes definitely. As touched on above, Harmans gave me the opportunity to work within 6 different teams in my 12 weeks. This was great as I was able to taste multiple areas of law, many of which were very different to what I had anticipated! The work I have been given has been interesting and challenging which has given me a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. My experience has given me a clearer understanding of what kind of law I like and what I can see myself pursuing as a career. Furthermore, I felt as though I was genuinely cared about at Harmans.

6.    Any other comments

I think starting in litigation was really great as it was the most similar team to what I have done university. This was therefore a comfortable place to start!


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