Sculpture on the Peninsula

Harmans is proud to continue our support of Sculpture on the Peninsula for its "Finale" event on 28 - 30 January. It is the largest sculptural exhibition in the South Island and attracts both leading and emerging sculptors.

With this being the "Finale" event, if you've ever wanted to attend, but haven't yet been, now is your last chance!

Harmans have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Sculpture on the Peninsula from its conception in 2000.

Our Partner Jeremy Daley, has been privileged to be a member of the board for the last 16 years. Alongside this, Jeremy had led Harmans involvement with sponsorship of the event and Harmans acting as the honorary solicitors to the Lombardy Charitable Trust.

This contribution, alongside many generous local sponsors, means that many of the expenses involved in an event of this size are covered and the profits can be returned to this Cholmondeley Children's Centre, which has totalled $750,000 over the lifetime of the event.


About Sculpture on the Peninsula


Sculpture on the Peninsula is a contemporary sculpture exhibition held every two years. It is the largest sculptural exhibition in the South Island and attracts both leading and emerging sculptors.

The Lombardy Charitable Trust hosts Sculpture on the Peninsula at Loudon Farm, Teddington, Banks Peninsula.

Proceeds from the event are donated to Cholmondeley Children’s Centre in Governors Bay.

Lombardy Charitable Trust has donated nearly $750,000 to Cholmondeley from the Sculpture on the Peninsula events.

By supporting Sculpture on the Peninsula you are helping build resilience in hundreds of children experiencing vulnerability, enabling them to cope with all of life's challenges — even beyond those they may be experiencing currently.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre (Chum-lee) provides emergency and planned respite care and education to children/tamariki (aged 3-12 years) whose families/whānau are experiencing genuine stress or crisis.

Rather than being impacted negatively by the effects of adult worries and trauma, a stay or stays at Cholmondeley provide an opportunity for a child to build his or her resilience, create lasting positive memories, and discover their strengths while tensions at home reduce and issues are resolved.

The Centre works at the early-intervention end of the social services spectrum and operates under a highly accessible, flexible, responsive, and child-centred model; with service, practice and environment all constructed around the complete wellbeing of children.

Cholmondeley has cared for more than 25,000 children since 1925 and now cares for over 400 children every year. This would not be possible without the support of the community, who contribute over 70% of Cholmondeley's operating costs every year.

Tickets and more information can be found at https://www.sculpturenz.co.nz/2022-event

More information on Cholmondeley can be found at www.cholmondeley.org.nz/

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