Estate Administration

Providing peace of mind

As difficult as it can be to consider death, it’s important to take the time to plan ahead, ensuring that your estate is in order and that your wishes are clearly documented.

From Wills to Powers of Attorney, our trustworthy team can provide expert advice on the distribution of your assets, ensuring your family’s needs are accounted for, and your financial obligations are taken care of.

Our extensive range of Estate Administration services include:

  • Administering any life tenancies or trusts that may have been created by the deceased's will 
  • Advising executors in relation to potential claims that can be made against estates
  • Asset distribution to beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes of the deceased as identified in their will, including the disposal of any assets that need to be realised
  • Ensuring that Trustees are fully aware of their legal obligations
  • Making application to the High Court of New Zealand for a formal grant of Probate or Letters of Administration where appropriate
  • Paying any outstanding expenses for the estate, such as costs relating to the funeral

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